A fully functional forklift requires more than just a good battery. It's also important to have a quality charger. The wrong charger can inadequately charge the battery or cause mechanical issues. Before selecting a charger for your forklift battery, make certain you know what to look for.


Check the manufacturer of the forklift battery. It's best to choose a charger that is made by the same manufacturer as the battery. While this won't necessarily make the battery function any better, in the event of a technical issue, being able to get support from a single company for both components can simplify the process and help you reach a solution more readily.

Amperage Draw

When a charger begins the charging cycle, it will draw a high-level of currents. This amperage draw is generally far more than the normal operating draw of the charging station. Should you overlook the power on amperage draw, you could end up with a charger that exceeds your available electricity. This won't damage the forklift, but any other electrical components in the area could be affected adversely.

Monitoring System

Look for charging terminals that are equipped with monitoring systems. This can help prevent damage to the battery from overheating, sometimes caused by overcharging. When a battery is being charged, its internal heat level increases. A very high temperature will basically fry the battery. Monitoring systems detect the temperature of the battery during charging. When the temperature gets too high, the terminal automatically shuts off.

Voltage Compatibility

Always inspect the voltage compatibility of a charging terminal before purchase. Even if the charging station is made by the same manufacturer as the battery, this is still not a guarantee that the voltage requirements are the same. If the voltage output of the charger is greater than the voltage of the battery, this can cause permanent electrical damage to the battery and the forklift.

Charging Cables

If for some reason you're unable to purchase a charger that is made by the same manufacturer as the battery, make certain you are checking the cables. Charging terminals have output cables that attach to the battery. If the cables don't fit your battery, you can have an electrician rewire the unit. However, this can be costly. It's easier and more cost effective to choose a model with compatible cables.

Don't make choosing the right charging terminal for your forklift battery an afterthought. In addition to limiting functionality of the forklift, the wrong charger can cause permanent damage to the forklift and battery. It is imperative that you take your time and choose wisely. For more information about chargers, or even used forklift batteries, contact an industrial company near you.