Living in the present day, there are so many things that would utterly defy the imaginations of our great-great-grandparents. From rockets to the moon to cordless phones that we can take anywhere, they would be stunned. There are also advancements in other areas that would shock and awe them, such as machining in the industrial sector. Sure, they grew up in the Industrial Revolution, but they never saw anything like a CNC machine. Here is why  CNC machine is the eighth wonder of the modern world, and what it can do for your manufacturing business.

It Cuts

CNC machines not only cut, but they cut all kinds of materials into any shape and depth you want, often with lasers. The machinists never touch the cutting platform unless they are arranging something to be cut. The machine does almost all the work.

It Bores Holes

The drill and drill press are for the home carpenter now. Industries use only the CNC machine to bore perfect holes into everything from wood to steel. You cannot really do that with a drill press or a standard drill -- at least not through steel or thick plates of metal, anyway.

It Stamps

Metal stamping is a process whereby a very specific pattern is stamped into sheet metal. The patterns are often very decorative, and the stamped metal is used to decorate walls and ceilings. In days gone by, these patterns would have to be hand-pressed a few inches at a time, thus making these panels only available to the very wealthy. Now everyone can buy them and install them in kitchens and cafes.

It Bolts

Take any two pieces of material in almost any thickness, and the CNC machine can bolt them together. It just could not be done before CNC machines were invented. Now, the computer-assisted machines calculate the drive force needed to bolt two pieces of material of particular thicknesses together. The end result is fastened material that is very strong and very durable.

And It Does It All with the Help of a Master Computer

Finally, all of these jobs are accomplished with precision and speed because the CNC machine used in machining processes are run by master computers. The machinist enters specific details on the machine and just hits the "enter" or "go" button. The machinist then stands back and waits for the job to complete, which often takes less than ten minutes for most jobs.