Portable air filtration units are great for improving the air quality on demand. While there are many different types of units with a variety of features, here are two qualities the portable air filters you purchase for your facilities should have.

Be an Air Scrubber

It may seem odd to specify your portable filtration unit should be an air scrubber. However, this type of unit is frequently confused for a negative air machine. Although the terms may seem like their interchangeable, these machines perform the same function in two entirely different ways.

An air scrubber is a self-contained unit that draws air inside its housing, sends it through a filter to be scrubbed of contaminants, and then released back into the room. A negative air machine, on the other hand, actually removes the contaminated air from the room and sends it somewhere else through a duct system.

Air scrubbers don't need to be connected to a duct system to work, which makes them much more portable than a negative air machine. Additionally, air scrubbers can be configured to work like negative air machines and complete remove air from a room, though you need to make sure the device has a port that can be connected to a duct system for this to work as intended.

Capable of Being Daisy Chained

Another good feature your portable air filtration unit should have is the ability to be connected to other units and work as a singular system. These portable units can only filter so much air per minute. Thus, the bigger the room that needs to be treated, the longer it will take for the unit to rid the area of contaminants.

Being able to connect multiple filtration devices together makes it possible to clean rooms of varying size much faster. Additionally, when the devices are interlocked with each other, it makes it easier to transport them from one location to another.

Be aware, though, that there may be a limit to the number of units you can connect to each other (e.g. up to 3 units at once). Consider the size of the largest room in your facility, and purchase portable units that can be expanded enough to filter the air inside of it fast.

There are other features you should look for when purchasing a portable air filtration unit. Connect with an industrial equipment supplier, like Kruman Equipment Company, for more information about these devices or assistance with selecting the best one for your needs.