Shipping items for your clothing line mean careful planning and precision. Creating your own standard style will draw the eye towards your brand. If you want to give customers the best effect, both in the clothing that they have and in the shipping experience. For business owners who want their product and customer service to stand out, this starts with the shipping. For shipping out clothing, you should utilize old school hat boxes that are created just for your business. Here are three reasons to change your packages to old-school hat boxes. 

Hat boxes are typically kept

It was customary for ladies and gentlemen to keep their hat boxes to store hats and other products. Today, most boxes and packaging is made to be thrown away. By using hat boxes you give your customers packaging that was traditional to use again and again. Be sure to include a note inside of the box asking your customers to keep the boxes around and letting the customers know that they are made to be usable. 

You can offer a discount for them being returned

Hat boxes that are made of cardboard and fabric are likely to hold up much better than your regular brown boxes. Brown boxes tend to get dented while in route or they are thrown away immediately after the items are taken out of the boxes. Fabric and heavy board hat boxes can be kept and returned to your business. Offer customers a cash back discount for returning the boxes or for bringing them to a drop-off spot in their city. This decreases your shipping cost and it makes sure that boxes that won't be reused do not go to waste. 

Your company an go completely green 

If you would rather be green, your company makes a good start by using old, reusable hat boxes as a part of the green plan. By creating boxes that are meant to be shipped back or given back and reused, you will have to use less material for shipping manufacturing alone. Green businesses often get a little more attention, as customers are looking for shopping habits that contribute to a better world. Be sure to tout the fact that you only create reusable items, from clothing to boxes in order to let others know that you are environmentally friendly. Going green can mean tax write-offs and a clean record as far as customers are concerned. 

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