When you go to put nuts on bolts, using industrial flat washers is a good idea because they can reduce pressure, and thus keep these fasteners in better conditioning when tightening them. If you rely on these washers a lot and have a pretty big collection, here are some maintenance steps that can keep you from having problems with them. 

Keep Them From Getting Contaminated

You can find a lot of durable flat washers today for industrial use, but you still need to watch out for potential instances of contamination. That could cause your washers to break down or change dimensions before you have time to use them.

Contamination can happen in a couple of ways for industrial flat washers, such as harmful chemicals getting on them or repeated exposure to humid environments. When your industrial washers aren't being used, just store them in a protective case or box so that contamination isn't even a possibility.

Wipe Down if Debris Has Accumulated

If you don't store your industrial flat washers in some sort of protective solution, debris can eventually accumulate. If you don't remove them, they can create added space between your washers and the fasteners they're going around. That can then interfere with weight distribution and your tightening activities.

Debris can easily be removed from washers when you use a microfiber towel. It should wipe things like dirt and residue away while protecting the finish of flat washers because these towels have a delicate cleaning design.

Take Time to Review Relevant Limits

Industrial flat washers will have limits that you want to remain cognizant of, whether you're using these fasteners with materials or just trying to store them for a later date when they are needed for a project.

There probably will be limits for where the washers can be used, how they can be tightened, and what elements can get on them. All you have to do is find out these exact limits to better protect your industrial flat washers. Suppliers can tell you all about these limits if you don't see them in a washer's product info.

If you often use industrial flat washers with bolts and nuts for certain projects, you want to understand certain maintenance steps that can help them last and continue working great. Then you won't be in an inconvenient position of buying more because the damage was able to affect them in a severe way.