Collecting scrap metal to sell can be an excellent way to create a significant side gig income in your free time. Many fledgling scrap metal recyclers are able to dismantle old appliances, lawn mowers, or other items in their garage or backyard and then store the recyclable metals until they have a sufficient amount to sell to their local scrap yard. If you would like to learn more about turning scrap metal into a profitable side gig, here are some tips that you may find helpful. 

Decide on a strategy

Like any side gig, finding a way to make the work interesting can be helpful in achieving success. In scrap metal recycling, taking time to understand which metals you prefer to work with can be helpful in ensuring that you continue to enjoy your business. For example, if you admit to being a techie or computer geek, you may want to focus your scrap metal recycling activities on the precious metals that can be found in computers, including gold and platinum. If copper wire or steel is more appealing, appliances may be more interesting for you to dismantle for the purpose of collecting the scrap metal they contain. 

Devise storage for the metals 

With gas prices high, storing your recycled metals until you have a significant amount can help to keep your business costs low. Stackable wire or wood crates can be an excellent way to store many types of metals until they can be hauled to the scrap yard. To help conserve space, scrap metal workers should remember to flatten aluminum cans, roll aluminum or copper wire into tight balls, and arrange items to fit or nest closely together. Since each type of metal may bring a different price per pound or ounce, it is also important to remember to separate each type of metal into its own crate and label it accordingly. 

Develop a network 

When beginning or operating a scrap metal business, you should also seek to develop a network that will help to strengthen your business and help you reach your goals. On the supply side, you may want to alert friends, neighbors, and coworkers about your service and offer to remove any unwanted metal objects or appliances they may have. Once people know that you provide a reliable, convenient option for removing their unwanted metal items, many will also refer others to you as well. 

On the selling side, it is important that you develop a good relationship with the scrap metal buyer where you will be selling your recycled metals. A reputable scrap yard can also be an excellent place to get information about scrap metal industry trends that could be helpful in growing your business. 

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