Do you work with metal or concrete as part of your production process? Are you looking for a way to create a finished product that is more durable or has a longer lifespan? Using overlay clad metal might help you get the results that you want. This process involves applying one material on top of another material in order to make the material underneath stronger. Here's why you should look into contacting a provider of overlay clad metal or using overlays on other materials like concrete.

Prevent Corrosion and Rust

If you have metal materials that are going to be exposed to the elements or hazardous conditions, you might be concerned about the development of corrosion or rust. One solution for this would be to put another type of metal over the vulnerable metal. For example, aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and could provide a barrier of protection for whatever other metal type is underneath the overlay.

Add Reinforcement and Strength

Overlaying materials also works for concrete. Do you have some concrete showing signs of wear and tear? Putting another material around it or over it can help the concrete stay together but also add additional support or reinforcement. For example, a concrete beam that is not in great condition anymore could have a metal overlay put around it and the metal parts will help add additional support to whatever that beam was holding up.

Reduce Maintenance Thanks to the Buffer

When you don't have an overlay in place, you might have to perform regular maintenance on the original material quite frequently. For example, some metals might need regular work to avoid the development of corrosion or rust. But if you have an aluminum overlay on top, you don't have to spend time worrying about the condition of what's underneath.

Retrofit Instead of Rebuilding

Adding metal overlays can help you save money. Instead of tearing down a building with concrete or metal that has reached its end of life, you can strategically replace just some parts and overlay others. The overlays will retrofit the building back to acceptable condition.

Improve Traction or Safety

Some concrete or metal can be slippery and that is not ideal for a workplace. You could overlay a non-slip surface on top of your concrete flooring, for example. This will provide additional traction and improve workplace safety.

Contact a provider of overlay clad metal to discuss your needs.